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Top Software Products

Multimedia and Creativity [Discovery]
Printshop for Mac 2[MacKiev]
Print Shop 15 [HMLT]
HyperStudio [MacKiev]
iLife [Apple]
Inspiration [Inspiration]
kidspiration [Inspiration]
Kid Pix Deluxe 3 [MacKiev]
Comic Life [Plasq]
Photo Kit Junior [Apte]
Digital Photo Activity Kit [Apte]
Classroom Photo Publisher [Apte]
SmartMoves [FableVision]
Animation-ish [FableVision]
Anime Studio
Print Explosion Deluxe 3.0 Mac [Nova Development]
Art Explosion [Nova Development]
Art Explosion® Photo Objects 150,000 (Mac) [Nova Development]
Print Artist [Nova Development]
Canvastic [Canvastic]
ODS Amazing Art Corner [Ohio Distinctive Software]
ODS Character Creator [Ohio Distinctive Software]


Key Skills [Sunburst]
JumpStart Series [Knowledge Adventure]
Jeopardy! [Educational Insights]
Music Ace [Harmonic Visions]
Roller Typing [EdVenture]
TimeLiner XE [Tom Snyder]
Encyclopedia Britannica® 2009
Sesame Street® First Steps™ [Avanquest]
Sesame Street® Learn, Play and Grow™[Avanquest]
Sesame Street® Let's Go to Preschool™[Avanquest]
ODS Robot Challenge [Ohio Distinctive Software]


Type to Learn 4 [Sunburst]
Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing [HMLT]
UltraKey [Bytes of Learning]
Read, Write & Type [HMLT]
Kid Keys 2.0 [Knowledge Adventure]
Master Gecko's Home Row [Ohio Distinctive Software]
Typing Tournament [EdAlive]

Language Arts

SuperStar Phonics Series [Help Me 2 Learn]
Language Arts Suite [DK]
Bailey's Book House [HMLT]
Stationery Studio [FableVision]
Optimum Resources Titles [Optimum Resources]
Key Skills [Sunburst]
Writer's Companion [Visions]
Micrograms Software [Micrograms]
Gamco Software [Gamco]
My First Incredible Amazing Dictionary [DK]
Grammar Made Easy [DK]
Spelling Made Easy [DK]
Professor Eggword's Discovery [Ohio Distinctive Software]
Spelling Bugs[Ohio Distinctive Software]
Words Rock! [EdAlive]
Upfront Word Skills [EdAlive]



InspireData [Inspiration]
Millie's Math House [HMLT]
Gold Medal Math [EdVenture]
Soccer Math [EdVenture]
SuperStar Math [Help Me 2 Learn]
The Graph Club [Tom Snyder]
Key Skills [Sunburst]
Micrograms Software [Micrograms]
Gamco Software [Gamco]
Math Blaster Series [Knowledge Adventure]
Sports Math: Fractions Made Easy [DK]
ODS Carnival Math [Ohio Distinctive Software]
Capt. Smartbeard's Scholarly Sea Adventure [Ohio Distinctive Software]
Superheroes Math Challenge[Ohio Distinctive Software]
Volcanic Panic [EdAlive]
Baggin' the Dragon [EdAlive]
Ultimate Math Invaders [EdAlive]
Upfront Math [EdAlive]


Sammy's Science House [HMLT]
Discover Science Series [Science SchoolHouse]
Digital Microscope
Science Court Series [Tom Snyder]
The Super Science Show [Micrograms]
Great Galaxy Grid Game [Ohio Distinctive Software]
Intergalactic Rocket Factory [Ohio Distinctive Software]
The Mammoth Food Dig [Ohio Distinctive Software]
Terrific Scientific Critterator [Ohio Distinctive Software]

Social Studies

InspireData [Inspiration]
eSchoolMaps [eSchool]
Mission Possible: World Geography [EdVenture]
GeoCycle USA [EdVenture]
Maps and Graphs with Miss Melberry [Micrograms]
Encyclopedia Britannica® Explorers & Innovators
Encyclopedia Britannica® Guide to Black History
Encyclopedia Britannica® Hispanic Heritage
Encyclopedia Britannica® US Presidents 2009
Encyclopedia Britannica® Women Who Changed the World
ODS Air Explorer[Ohio Distinctive Software]
GeoRunner [Ohio Distinctive Software]

Teacher Tools

Easy Grade Pro [Edline]
Visions Books/CDs [Visions]
Math Companion [Visions]
Vocabulary Companion [Visions]
Teacher Created Resources Catalog
iLife [Apple]
iWork [Apple]
Microsoft Office [Microsoft]
The Critical Thinking Company Catalog
QuickVerse Bible Premiere Suite [Avanquest]


































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